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Ferretti Yachts - seit 40 Jahre Innovation

The sea: A great passion

The story of the Ferretti shipyards begins in 1968 when Norberto Ferretti's passion for the sea intrigued his brother Alessandro. They began an adventure that would lead them to become one of the most prestigious shipyards on the world stage. As happens with all great enterprises, their journey began quietly. Starting by selling well-known boats such as Chris Craft, San Lorenzo and Italcraft, to the decision to begin a company of their own.

The boats they sold were beautiful, but they did not fully express that sailing philosophy of which Norberto is a fierce supporter "an experience to be lived completely and not endured".

Norberto Ferretti: "I was still very young when my father gave in to my protracted pleading and bought me the most important toy of my life: a small French-made boat, just 5.70 metres long.

This was the start of an activity that began as a game and went on to become one of the finest stories of Italian manufacturing, culminated in the foundation of the Ferretti group. Probably one of the most important factors in this success story was an unbridled passion, something that is normally expressed in play and games.

After forty years I am convinced that a boat is the most wonderful toy a man of success could ever wish for, but is also true that a great deal is expected from this toy, because it is an object loved more than any other.

It is only by means of great enthusiasm, dedication and experience that it is possible to create fascinating, reliable toys such as our boats which bring the "double F" in every port of the world. Also my brother Alessandro, who died prematurely in 1995, shared the ideals that brought us success and allowed us to share the same enthusiasm together with all the hundreds of people still working in close contact with me.

It is my great pleasure to be able to share this special moment with all those throughout the world who have contributed to and experienced our company’s success and to the people who see themselves reflected in Ferretti due to our unique way of loving and experiencing the sea."

Norberto Ferretti

Ferretti 830

Ferretti 830

Ferreti 830

The Ferretti 830 was the first yacht of the Ferretti range to have the new open view window in the master cabin that ensures a completely unique view of the sea both from the bed, facing the window, and from the bathroom, with two communicating sections. The slender contours of the flying bridge are due to the unusual positioning of the roll bar towards the bow which gives a valuable advantage creating an area of shade over the sofa during the hottest hours. The layout of the navigation bridge has also been reassessed and unites practicality and aesthetics in a pleasingly cozy way. Inside the Ferretti style is immediately obvious with rich paneling in polished cherry-wood and extremely detailed fittings. Apart from the ample master cabin there are also two guest cabins and one VIP cabin with a double bed, all with en suite bathroom and shower. The vast salon is fitted out with every comfort including a plasma TV and up to eight people can dine in absolute tranquility. The sea becomes a real limitless pleasure with the Ferretti 830.

Technische Daten Ferretti 830

Ferretti 830

Engine MTU 1822 CR MTU 16V 2000 M91
Engine power 1.822 2.000
Overall length 25,30 m 25,30 m
Hull length 23,97 m 23,97 m
Waterline length 20,82 m 20,82 m
Max Beam 6,26 m 6,26 m
Max Speed (prediction data) 31,50 kn 33,50 kn
Cruising speed (prediction data) 27,50 kn 30 kn
Range (prediction data) 410 nm 380 nm
Unladen Displacement 64.000 kg 64.000 kg
Laden Displacement 75.000 kg 75.000 kg
Fuel tank 7.400 l 7.400 l
Water tank 1.320 l 1.320 l
No. of people on board 20 20
ARG Stabilizers Standard Standard

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