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Hanse 78 Premium: Luxus pur auf 24 Metern

Segelyacht Hanse 78 Premium: 24 Meter bieten Raum für die eigene Gestaltung auf und unter Deck.

HanseYachts AG legt 78-Fuß-Segelyacht auf Kiel

Segelyacht Hanse 78 Premium, Doppelsteuerstand

Greifswald (SP) Die HanseYachts AG plant nach der 630er Hanse-Segelyacht eine 78-Fuß-Yacht. Mit der 24-Meter-Maxiyacht startet Hanse nach eigenen Angaben ins Premium-Class-Segment für luxuriöse Eigneryachten. Den individuellen Innenausbau können die künftigen Besitzer gemeinsam mit dem Hanse-Design-Team entwerfen. Die Hanse 78 Premium soll 2012/2013 vom Stapel laufen - mit Garage für diverse Spaßgeräte wie Jetski, Wasserski-Motorboote, Tauch-Equipment u.ä.

Der Erfolg der Hanse 630 hat die Werft beflügelt: Von der 630er Segelyacht hat Hanse nach eigenen Angaben bereits 60 Boote verkauft. Ein Team von Yachtfernsehen.com hat sich exklusiv auf der Hanse 630 Blue Ice Edition umgeschaut - ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die neue 78er Yacht.

Die beeindruckenden (vorläufigen) Maße der Hanse 78 Premium:

LüA: 23,98 m
Breite: 6,50 m
Tiefgang: 3,50 m
Segelfläche: 330 m2;
Groß: 192 m2;
Genua 100: 135 m2;
Verdrängung: etwa 50 Tonnen

Die Hanse 78 Premium soll nur bei ausgewählten Yachthändlern erhältlich sein - sie müssten in der Lage sein, den besonderen Service zu leisten, so HanseYachts AG.

UPDATE zur boot 2018: Bislang hat Hanseyachts mit der Hanse 675 die größte jemals in Deutschland gebaute Serienyacht präsentiert.

Hanse 78 Premium: Innenausbau nach Eignerwunsch

Segelyacht Hanse 78 Premium: Den Innenausbau bestimmt der künftige Eigner mit dem Hanse-Desgin-Team.

Grenzenlose Freiheit unter Deck

Segelyacht Hanse 78 Premium: Die Gestaltungsfreiheit unter Deck ist nach Angaben der HanseYachts AG grenzenlos.

Die ersten Entwürfe der Hanse 78 Premium

The new Hanse 78 Premium

Segelyacht Hanse 78 Premium

Hier die Pressemitteilung der HanseYachts AG vom September 2011:

Greifswald (SP) With nearly 60 Hanse 630s sold, Hanse Yachts is a market leader among larger yards producing premium
sailing yachts. To expand on our passion and vision in creating luxury custom yachts longer than 60 ft, we
recently created a Premium Class department. This has given us the opportunity and confidence to introduce
an even larger yacht – the Hanse 78 Premium. This innovative concept offers unprecedented freedom in
design and almost unlimited possibilities in terms of comfort and luxury.

What was once a dream is now reality... after years of planning this large-scale project, collecting ideas,
carefully listening to feedback from Hanse 630 owners, and taking into account yachting trends and
developments, the first Hanse 78 is finally slated for launch in 2012-2013.

One of a kind... this breathtaking concept is backed by the Hanse Premium Class experience, allowing every
detail onboard our Hanse 78 to be customised with an impressive array of selected wood finishes, upholstery,
fabrics and interior layouts. The only prerequisites are the high performance of the vessel and her
exceptionally seaworthy hull and deck.

Onboard living... special attention was given to designing an astonishing living space on deck, with a
spacious cockpit area comprising separate steering stations and an aft deck offering convenient access to
both the sea and the generous owners’ cabin. Thanks to the remarkable freeboards, the yacht also features
sufficient bulwark height to enable perfectly safe movement on deck. And to reflect our appreciation of the
importance of natural light, we have equipped the Hanse 78 with a wealth of glass surfaces on deck as well as
numerous hull port lights.

Fun at sea... the transom garage is large enough for all kinds of toys: Performance tenders for waterskiing, jet
watercraft, scuba diving gear and more.

Freedom below deck... nothing is impossible. Our clients receive professional assistance from our
internationally renowned design team to create an entirely unique yacht according to their individual wishes
and requirements.

The power of the wind... the epoxy construction performance hull and tall carbon rig combined with an
optimised keel are designed by naval architects from Judel/Vrolijk – some of the best in the world. This makes
the 24-metre Hanse 78 a super reliable yacht capable of smooth and easy handling under sails, at high
speeds, in all weather conditions, and with a minimal crew.

Customer care... Hanse’s Premium Class portfolio will be available exclusively through our preferred
partners, all of whom have the capacity to provide expert assistance. Customers will receive personal
consultation from a Hanse Premium Class technical adviser, who will follow the whole project from the initial
expression of interest through to completion and handover.

Built in an epoxy/E-glass UD/sandwich construction with carbon tapes to enhance the stiffness of the hull and
bottom section, the deck and the integrated strongback.

(c) by yachtfernsehen.com / Q-Visions Media Andrea Quass